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There does seem to be a large dividing line between types of churches these days. We used to attend a large non-denominational church with a very well-known pastor. Many of the 6,000 attendees would show up in jeans and T-shirts. Now, I'm all in favor of encouraging seekers, but I felt that the members should have been setting a better example and showing more respect with their attire. They also chose more contemporary music than traditional hymns.

We chose to leave that church because of problems one of our sons was having with his Sunday school classes.

We switched to a Baptist church - again, a fairly large one, with a locally well-known pastor. It was much more to our liking, in that it catered to the believer much more than to the seeker, although it had a wonderful way of making everyone feel welcome. We've had to stop attending there for the winter (I'm almost ashamed to say why) because I don't own any winter dresses! Not a single woman there wears dress pants! And I've only seen one person in jeans.

There is another Baptist church in town, that is smaller, and my son attends Awana there. We want to try going there, but we've been fighting illness the past few weeks. From what I've heard, I shouldn't feel too out-of-place in dress pants during the winter there.

So, my advice would be to try a smaller church. Look for a church with an older congregation - they're less apt to have newer music.

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