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Good News and a trip out west!

Hello Val, Janet, Ladyinmaille, and others who read here,

This is not about pain this moment or this week. It is about my trip I am going on and some about how it got started.....

Well, on Thursday I will be leaving for Oregon, to visit my mother and half-sister. ;-) This will be the third time I have seen them in over 30 years. The last time I saw my mother I was expecting my son at the time and I was only 23 years old; back in 1971.

My parents were divorced and my father had custody of me and my two brothers, but never let us visit with my mother or know anything about her. He also lied about the reason we did not see her. He has passed away back in 1988, so no way of asking him about the reason why??? (God and him only know now.)While I was raised in California, she only lived a few cities away from us, most of our lives, as we grew up. I had been looking for her ever so long.

Now, how I found her or what I had done to find her; was put a posting to a bulletin board on under my maiden name. I put down just enough information that she would only know. So I wouldn't get answered by someone else. She is 74 years old now there are other family members I am going to meet this time going out to Oregon that I didn't know about.

Well, in June of 2000, wala I got an email from the bullentin board similar to what we get here. I went in and read it. I was completely shocked. The reason I was shocked was because she had said that she had only been online for two years and had been looking for me and my two brothers forever so long too. Also come to find out I have a little sister, whom is a grandmama like me.

While I am gone to Oregon, I will be celebrating my birthday with them, this time my first ever that I can or will be able to remember aftr all these years. I am so excited I am pinching myself.

Well, hold your messages until after the August 29th I will be gone until the 23rd of September. So you all take care I will miss this group of wonderful people; not sure if men read this page)

Have a good second, minute, hour, day, night, week, and month while I am gone. Think pleasant thoughts now ya hear!!

Bye now, Cheryl