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Question How did you find the church you attend?

Hi Everyone,

Dh and I are trying to find a church home and we are not doing very well to date.

We are visiting churches that are not even close to what we are looking for. We are not looking for a church that has "entertainment" every Sunday. We have visited a number of churches that have very overproduced services and we are not really comfortable with this.

A new trend we have also noticed is to only sing and perform very contemporary music. We would like a mix of tradition hymns with some newer music. We have yet to find a church that isn't only into very loud, easily forgotten, repeative music. No choir, only the same group of members that entertain each week.

Another disturbing trend we are noticing is the lack of communion/Lord's supper. When we have asked about this, we have been told that they are trying not to "turn off" seekers. I don't understand how this would be objectionable to a seeker.

Alot of the services we have attended also gear the entire worship service to those who are not Christ followers, only to the seekers. This leaves us really wanting more.

I would really appreciate your advise for finding the right church. We really want to find a church home and are beginning to become disappointed with what we are finding.

Thanks so much for your help!

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