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I sure do understand! Think it is time for all of us to be able to enjoy them without all of the work. Since Melanie moved, we do not get the girls too often, so we try to have them a couple of times over the summer. She is 2 1/2 hrs away - actually wish it was some closer - as we do have a wonderful relationship with them. With my son's kids, too, but not as close as with Dana and Fiona - maybe because we virtually raised them. Dand and Fiona come in running with big big smiles on their faces, and they still love to "lap sit" and watch movies (I have the set of "Little Foot" movies and a few favorite Disney ones -- guess I am still a kid at heart!!). So we three pile in my recliner and "veg" a lot when they are here. I know the day will soon come when they will be too busy to want to stay at GramMomMom's - though they say "No!" You =have a great day, too - accomplish a lot on your To Do List!! ;-)
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