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Baking for Christmas

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I LOVE to bake. but I usually find myself baking at the last minute. I always wanted to back ahead, but only have a standard freezer with the usual suspects in it (quick meals for hectic nights) so it is pretty full.

Although I've never tried to freeze them, I love to make biscotti in several different flavors, and give a platter to a hostess for a holiday gathering. They are simple to make and only have to be baked twice, so it's like a big cookie that makes a bunch of little ones... lmbo. I'm not sure you can freeze the 'crispy' cookies.

I knew about the cookies and freezing, and I know that most cakes can be frozen as long as they are not frosted, but not too much else about it. I am sure that would have a list of goodies that you can make and freeze.

PLEASE keep me in the loop on this. I am making "quillings" this year for gifts (paper flowers that you place on wedding invitations is the best example I can think of) and it takes a lot of time to complete - so anything that will save time... I'm ALL IN!

Have an AWESOME day!
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