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Is there a way you can shorten up dinner time? Maybe put dinner in the crockpot so it will be ready for you when you get home. All you would have to do is a side dish to it---something made ahead like a salad? Premade frozen casseroles with hot rolls would work too. That way you could start on homework while dinner is cooking.

My son reads to me while I'm cooking--killing 2 birds with one stone. If we dont do it then, he will read to me while Im bathing his sister. He is reading on his own to himself but I like to make sure that he is understanding what he is reading.

It looks like you need to focus on your older son's work more while not overlooking your younger son-- so can they do their homework at the table together while you help you son? You can check the youger one's homework now too.

Glance over folders and planners while they are in the tub. Boy, Do I understand about getting my 2nd grader in bed on time or I will have a monster on my hands too!

So that they arent overwhelmed, maybe you could set up a short bedtime routine--bath, in bed and storytime with brother reading to both of you?

Is there a way to squeeze in some review time in the morning? You can study for tests with them or have him retell the book he is reading. I do this with my son while waiting at the bus stop in the morning.

These things work for me. I hope they can help you too.

If I come up with anything else, I'll let you know.


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