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Managing time

How do you divide your time between two children when you only have two hours before bedtime?

I have a first grader who can practically do his own homework and read by himself.

Now, if my first grader know the writer’s tone of voice when he is reading, then it would be great.

I have an Educable Mentally Handicap (EMH) second grader. My second grader cannot do his homework by himself. He can finish one of his math homework in 30minutes the least with major supervision. His spelling and reading is good and could be better if he tries. My oldest has to be in bed by eight or it would be like talking to a wall; except, the wall would be growling at me.

If you were in my situation; how would you manage you two hours time?

6pm to 7pm - I get home, cook food, and feed the children.

7pm to 8pm – I Give the children a shower, help with homework, check answers on their homework, check folders and planners, ( I run out of time for the remaining to do... – reading, spelling, and then double checking their answers on their homework).
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