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thank you! We will keep your kids in prayer, too. Yes, I believe that if there is any way to help them to be independent, it is best for all concerned. Not only the parents, but the kids. Their self-esteem for one big thing. And if they do not learn what happens when the parents are no longer around - or able to provide. I think we will be fine - retirement wise. While we did not have a lot - with raising 4 kids - and with the darn stock market as it has been the last couple of years, it is less than I would have liked, but we are not big spenders, and we shuold be OK. We take "cheap" vacations to some time shares we have bought at good prices and go to races, and some local area concert series, but that is really all we do. Our vehicles are a 92 Buick, an 88 pickup and a 74 Duster - we drive them to keep!

I am so very glad that your daughter has faithfully paid on the second. That is a scary thing to do! Our son went with CCCS - Charles had worked with them a lot in his job on post with ACS - anmd knew they were good. I also commend Michael that he was willing to go to them and has stayed with it. He pays off in Nov. That is when we will stop the help - most of it at least - as they should be able to pay their own rent and utiltiies with the money they were paying CCCS.

As far as our daughters girls, YES - we really enjoyed them. Since we almost raised them with Melanie working the shifts she worked, we trained them as we did ours. I am not sure if that makes the difference in her kids and Michael's, or not. It also may be that we are a couple of years older and just do not really want to babysit on a regular basis. Michael's daughter was 6 when they got married and Gage is just a busy, busy little boy! But, they have Gage in Day Care during the day - we take care of evening shifts and classes and weekends. We keep our plans for races, concerts, time shares, etc and they know they have to mkae other arrangements for those. They both are working so hard for their degrees and we are very proud of what they have accomplished - with the setbacks they have had.

I have added you to my buddy list - lets stay in touch so we can celebrate our kids independence!
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