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Thank you, Linda, for responding

I can really identify with what you have been through. That was very brave of you to help them from your retirement! I hope it won't cause you any problems later.

How was it with the kids around the house? Do you enjoy being with them and did you spend much time with them? Was it a lot of extra work? That is so sad about the "almost deadbeat" dad. That inconsistency can keep a person tilted, never being able to depend on him.

Like you we started parenthood in the mid-sixties (1965) and have had children in the house constantly ever since. But the "end/beginning" is in sight for us since the one we are sitting now is starting school. I can hardly get ahold of not having kids around the house all the time! Of course, next summer is another story!!!

We have found many ways to help our kids who are in their own home and still help them stay independent (that is, out of our house). We helped them with groceries out of our pantry and gas for their car to get to work for a week till his bonus check came in and they could make an overdue house payment.

We went way out on a limb for one daughter, though. We took out a second on our house which they have faithfully paid for. They were so deep in debt they wer going under--even considering bankruptcy. By consolidating everything at half the interest they were paying, they are finally doing OK. The loan has to be paid to the bank; if we had just loaned them money out of our savings or something, I am not so sure they would have been so good about paying.

I will be praying for you and your kids that they will be able to provide for their own needs and that you and your husband will not suffer from the help you have giving them. God bless you.

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