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Any Recipes - Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner


I have asked this question is a different forum, and now I thought I would try it here!

I am pregnant, due January 6th! I am planning our meals for then! I have no family in my state, but my mother MAY come to help after the baby's born (my stepfather has health problems) and my mother-in-law will come after my mother comes.

I plan on freezing some meals beforehand. IF my mother comes, I thought she could do the same with my favorite meals. And when my mother-in-law comes, she can do the same!

But, I do love to cook! So, depending on how this second child affects our lives, I am interested in using my crock pot more.

Later today, I plan to look more at the discussions in this forum, but if you have any ideas, please suggest them!


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