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Hi Sunny

I don't precook a lot of mine, but I do make batches or premake certain things. Here's examples:

meatballs I make up a batch big enough for 4 meals and freeze in four seperate freezer bags.

meatloaf I make 2 batches of meatloaf and split it into four medium sized loaves. We never eat a whole one, so I always split it.

browned ground beef I make up a few pounds of this each time I buy ground beef. Then I drain, rinse (gets rid of a lot of fat) and store it in the freezer in 1.5 lb portions. When I need browned ground beef for tacos or chili or something I'm one step ahead.

pork tenderloin sandwiches When pork tenderloin goes on sale I buy several. I usually cut up two or three of them, smash the cutlets with a meat mallot to flatten them real good, bread them, and then freeze them in between sheets of wax paper. I place 5 in each freezer bag. We just had these the other night in fact A very quick dinner!

cooked chicken there are a lot of recipes that call for cooked chicken. Such as chicken soup or stew, enchiladas, tacos, chicken and dumplings, etc. I buy whole or cut up fryers whenever they go on sale and boil them with onions and celery stalks. I simmer for several hours. Then I remove the chicken and run the broth through a fine strainer. I store the broth in freezer bags for other recipes. The chicken I let cool, then I shred all the meat off and store in freezer bags. I made enchiladas with some the other night and it was great!

hamburgers I take a couple of pounds of hamburger and season it, then form it into nice patties. I saniwch them between wax paper squares and store in freezer bags.

lasagna this freezes really well. You can cook an entire lasagna, eat half of it and freeze the rest for another day. Perfect!

spaghetti sauce I make my own spaghetti sauce by mixing a 15 oz can of tomato sauce and a 12 oz can of tomato paste with 3 tomato PASTE cans of water. I throw in dried basil, a little sugar, and salt and pepper. Boil, then simmer for a couple of hours. This amount makes enough for two meals, so we usually eat one and freeze the other for another night.

Other stuff - gravy freezes well, so next time you have leftover gravy, pout it into a sandwich bag (zipper type) and freeze flat. Then stack it in your freezer once it is frozen. I also freeze peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ham and cheese sandwiches for lunches. I usually make three loaves at a time. See, I can't stand making PB&J sandwiches, LOL, so I make as many as I can at once! For breakfast, pancakes and french toast both freeze beautifully. Again, I sandwich them between wax paper sheets and wrap in foil, label then freeze. Some people put theirs in the toaster, but I microwave mine for about 45 seconds and they are perfect (one at a time).

I have to clean my house before my kids get home, but that should give you a few ideas for now! See ya later!
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