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Oh that would be soooo much fun if we could surprise her.

I'm having a lot of pain right now but I have one of those vibrating heating pads that I sit on in the truck and that helps. And the motel we are going to has a jacuzzi and that really helps. Plus, I'll be packing the wheelchair in case I can't walk. And most of my stress is coming from work and I'll have a 3 day weekend away from that so that will help.

We have a truck but it is really comfortable to ride in. When dh wanted to trade in my buick for a new truck I told him ok as long as it was comfortable and big enough to carry all my grandkids. Well, it does both.

We will be leaving tomorrow morn, its a 7 hour drive because we have to go around Chicago. Maybe if I lived in a bigger city all that traffic wouldn't scare me so much. I usually am in the backseat with our daughter driving around Chicago and I either read or shut my eyes so I don't see what's coming at us from 12 different directions. Then Saturday we will go to the ren faire, Saturday night I'll be in the jacuzzi, then we will get up Sunday morn and drive home.

Anyway, gotta pack and get supper and do dishes and feed the cats (have a gazillion outside cats). Gotta hush up and get busy. Will be going to Bristol but will be thinking about Sunshine, Stitcher45 and the Minnesota Ren Festival.
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