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Kind of ----- Last year our son, his wife and their two children moved in with us. My son was still paying off some big bills left from his first wife, then was involved in a tragic accident soon after this marriage - left them in a terrible financial bind. However, after several months of them living with us, we decided to take from our retirement fund and "help" them live in a place of their own - for our sanity! They are both working at WalMart close to full time, but that does not mean much per hour for a family of four - and they are going to college full time. Thank goodness their CCCS (my husband was a financial counselor at the time recommended that they get on with CCCS to get the bills lined up and paid) is all paid off this November. That coincides with our available money running out and they should be able to be on their own - except for the "unusual" expenses - such as auto repairs, etc. We felt that what we provdie for them each month is not a whole lot more than the food, extra utilities, etc would be. We do take care of their children (10 and 3) when they have class or work in the evenings or weekends and DayCare for Gage is closed.

I had retired from my banking job to care for my youngest daughters' baby 6 years ago and continued on when she had her other girl two years later. She had just moved to a job where she could do all on her own (divorced with a most of the time "dead-beat ex" on "intensive probation for non-payment of child support), my husband retired, and we thought we finally had the "empty nest" thing.

As I look back, we started with our first one in 1964 and have had a child in our home - though now part time - for almost 40 years! I would love to chat with you, too......
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