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Originally posted by Sunny
I wanted to ask something about freezing. I would like to make up a bunch of burrito's and enchilada's to keep in the freezer, does anyone know if you can freeze them and how you would freeze them?
Absolutely! Make up your burritos and enchiladas as you normally would. Let them sit and cool. When cooled, line a pan with foil(whatever you would cook them in, a square baking pan or a 13x9). Use enough foil so that you will be able to fold it over the food and close. Place the precooked burritos or enchiladas in the foil lined pan. Cover with foil and close. Label with name and date. Place pan and all in the freezer, let freeze a couple of hours. Remove pan from freezer, pop out foil wrapped food and store in ther freezer till ready to eat!
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