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vinegar/lemon juice

I love to can tomatoes! I especially love making salsa. It is so easy and easier yet if you use one of the salsa mixes available at most stores that sell the lids. It sure beats the prices at the supermarket as well as the taste!!!!!

Old recipes do not call for vinegar or lemon juice to can tomatoes. The reason for the addition is that the newer varieties are lower in acid than the heritage varieties - especially the plum type like Roma. The addition is not really necessary if you pressure can the tomatoes for the proper amount of time. If you use the Boiling Water Bath method, I would strongly suggest the addition of vinegar. That small amount of white vinegar does not alter the taste but does kick the acid content up enough to keep it safe.

Home canning is really safe, but please follow directions carefully and do not take any short cuts. I have gone to pressure canning everything except pickles. Besides being safer, it cuts down on time and steam in the kitchen.
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