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i reallt appreciate everyone ideas & thoughts. I try not to be mean, i just get aggraveted. I mean the 13 year old is constantly peeing on the toilet seat. my husband says, tell him to clean it up. well , i do. but those times i find it when he isnt there, or dont have time to get him...I have to do it. So what is there to do now about it??
I am good with the kids too. I throw football with the 13 yr old, which i doubt his own mom does. and spend other time playing games with them. But i have gotten to the point now, i dont want ot be around them.
And maybe i do take it persoanlly, like they are doing it on purpose, But maybe it is them just being kids.
Someone brought up a good point. about the stepmom never hugging or kissing them goodnight. I dont do that, & its not that i dont care for them. But i do not feel comfortable doing so. and i can see one of the kids saying something in conversation to their momthat i hugged them , and then she would probably try to make it a criminal case. Just b/c she like to cause trouble.
And these kids are not horrible kids, they are good kids. But i dont want to be a maid service, and their dad doesnt mind.
Another issue i have is that I dont think they do this stuff at their moms. But then they do with us. My husband even said his ex said he lets them get away with murder. Which is exagerrating b/c they arent that bad.
I do think he treats them like little kids. They are 13 & 11, and he lays their clothes out for them for school everynight.
Maybe i just need a chill pill/????!!!!!
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