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First of all, bless you for being a step-mom - secondly, I am NOT a step mom, but my kids do have one and they do not like her at all, and it isn't anything to do with being "nagged" for picking up dirty cups, etc...all I can say for myself, having 3 kids, 20, 17 and 11, is that I "nag" and "nag" them to pick up around the house and SOMETIMES they get the message, but, and here, I hope you might understand this, THEY FEEL COMFORTABLE with you and leave their mess just as they would AT "HOME". I mean, would you like it if they were a silent bunch, doing the right thing and obeying their step-mom or would you prefer that they act like they probably do at home? IE MESSY!? I know my own kids love me and I must admit, it annoys me that they cannot even pick up a cup or a cereal bowl or their sweet wrappers or their crisp packets blah blah blah, you name it, it is deposited on the sofas, the carpet, the table anywhere but in the kitchen or the trash! If I leave explicit instructions to wash up their cups (ignored) or put them in the dishwasher (sometimes adhered to) I might get some reaction. Just let them be, do you have kids of your own? Believe me, they are not doing it to annoy you, they are just KIDS. You are doing well, don't give up, just love them. Difficult, I know, but one of the saddest things my youngest said to me was that he thought his step-mom didn't love him cos she didn't hug him hello or goodbye and never went to kiss him goodnight....(he's 11) These things mean more to a child than anything. I know; I was a step-child and I remember thinking my step-mom didn't love me cos she wouldn't kiss me goodnight once she had her own kids and I broke my heart over it.
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