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Just my input here, 10 years ago, I would have had a different opinion, but now Im 48, and also a gramma of 2 GD;s ages 6 & 8,which has nothing to do with what I was gonna say lol, except Ive matured alot in my thinking. Kids are kids,and yes they should pick up after themselves,but look around at the world today ,and some of the bigger problems families have. If your dh doesnt do anything, then (and I know this will be hard especially if you are like me and it sounds like youare as far as clutter) just let it go. You could always tell them if they want a drink it needs to be drunk in the kitchen and leave some paper cups out,that shouldnt be too hard on them,lol. You dont have to say it in a "wicked stepmom" way. Maybe includ them in something you are doing in the kitchen like making cookies or something. Look at it from your dh's point of view for awhile, and let him know you are trying, and maybe when you STOP picking up after them he will see for himself what a mess they make. Im also remarried now for 14 years, and I do have a step son who is now in his 20's but when he was younger and came here, I went thru a similar situation, and honestly it wasnt worth the effort, he evn came to live with us for 3 LONG months,lol, and thats when my dh saw for himself what he was like and HE took it in his hands and finally did something. Its easy for me to say now and I can appreciate what you are going thru, but really is it all that bad?? Its not like they are "real" bad kids or anything. Good luck in whatever you do.
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