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in response to tx chef fran...I totally agree with you. If toys get left out, throw them away, if they waste soda's or leave them out (all the time) then drink water. I agree with all that.
The problem is, my husband doesnt. he says they are kids, and not adults.
And get this.....he said he isnt going to run a Nazi camp.
THat was just absurd. i am not that bad.
But according to him, Until i have children that are my own & a part of me....Then basically i have no room to talk. (this came up when he was cleaning his 11 yr. old room , while she was outside playing!!!)
Now i have a nephew that lived with me since he was born (10 yrs.) and maybe once in a while i would help with his room...but not if it continued to get messy,
because then if i am going to clean it up, what resaon does he have to clean up.?
I will definately check out that book, thanks for the advice!
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