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Okay, let me know if you figured this much out. I didn't get except to the beginning of the second row and even then I had done something wrong so that I didn't have enough stitches in blue at the end of row one. LOL!

Make your 140 chain. Don't tie off but in that last chain you work it bringing in the blue. Chain 1 more and then turn and put a dc in chain #140. Work your way all the way across and at the end you chain one and then, instead of skipping the first stitch like in most patterns, you will put a dc in that first dc.

The best I can figure, the reason you put a single as you turn is just simply to have a place to put the sc with the white for the border. I know if they'd done that with other patterns, it would sure have helped me on more than a few occasions.

Anyway, each row should actually have 140 stitches and that is the best I've been able to figure for everything else. Let me know if that helps or just confuses you more.

If it just confuses you more, I'll work on it again later for you. One day I'd like to buy the proper colors and actually work one of these up myself for my dh.

Have a wonderful evening/day.
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