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thank you for a response. My mother actaully made a comment to me, when she heard me asking my husband why he was still letting the kids stay up late after he had told them no.

She said, basically...why argue over something like that? he;s the one that has to deal with them in the morning when they are tired. ANd i guess , yeah, what does it hurt? But the point i was making, is he told him no ...and thats what they do, they ask till they get what they want. And it especially bothers me when it comes to buying stuff. and he gives in. And we really dont have the money. And i know they are kids & i probably sound selfish, but im not buying things i want. I mean i was used to buying myself stuff once in a while. I amy have had to wait till i had enuf money, but now it is a whole other story.
So i dont know
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