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Help, My 5 y.o. DD hates wearing socks!!!

This morning it literally took my DD 20 minutes to put her socks and shoes on. Not, to just get motivated to get them one. It took 20 minutes of hands on time. She would get one sock on, that shoe on, than go to put the other sock on and decide that the sock didn't feel right. It had something in it, it was twisted. She wants the little "nubbies" from the seam cut off. Well if I were to cut that off the sock would fall apart.

She has to wear shoes and socks, as it gets too cold here to not wear them. I went through this last year also. It just wasn't this bad. I feel bad because it becomes a fighting battle. I get upset, than she gets upset. And she Loves school, I have to literally threaten that she will miss the bus, if she don't get shoes and socks on.

I think she just really hates the feel of socks. Has anyone else ever had this problem??? Any solutions??? Any suggestions??

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