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I know you're going to hate this but, eventually they do grow up. Mine were 8 and 12 when I married their dad. You are right that if you let it this could cause trouble in your marriage. You don't want to win the battle but lose the war.

My step children lived with us so it was a daily thing with us and it never got better because dad is always going to side with the child. That is just something I had to learn and it would have been easier on me if I had learned it sooner. I 've got such a hard head sometimes. If you are dealing with visiting children, maybe you could convince dad to have a quick family pick up the house time each day with a family treat afterwards or a game or a movie.

I know it is hard but I also know that if you stick with it and if the kids see how good you are for their dad, they will in time come to appreciate you for the woman you are.
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