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Kiki's Mr Jiggs My Pug (May 1st, 1991 - June 12th, 2005)
This little pudgy pup came into my life shortly after my beloved Princess Kiki died and wormed his way into my heart. His smashed nose and bug eyes stood out; but his most striking feature was his coat. I had never heard of or seen a brindle Pug. But there he was, in all his silver and black striped glory. He grew, his tail curled, and he was just like his namesake: he loved corned beef and cabbage and was always in trouble. Leaving pig ears and hooves glued to the carpet. Leaving bits of woolly material around from shaking the stuffing out of his chewman.
He loved to make pug nests in the middle of the bed out of everything on it. He would but you in the behind, the belly button, and under the arm while your half asleep then just ram it in and issue a muffled "WooWooWoo!" before running. He would lay on your head as much as your pillow if he wasn't laying anywhere else on you. He would stare a hole through Pooky when he courted me and would watch over Munchee after we brought him home.
The years took their toll and he developed several health problems but he still was a good companion. One day I came home and I found him in siezure. No medicine was found to bring them under control. Sunday morning we sent him to God.

Curly (20 years) ~ Baron Sampson Von Hobbe - Boxer (1950 - 1964 ) ~ Cocoa - Dauchshund (1964 - 1977) ~ Princess Kiki - Norwegian Elkhound/ Keeshund (9/7/1980 - 25/5/1991)
Cheryl, A True Packrat with DH Pooky and DS Boo
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