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Dealing With Messy Step-children

Goodness , I dont know where to start. I got married in May and have two stepkids. They are 13 & 11. For the most part, they are very good kids. But they make such a mess! I say over & over to pick it up and I feel like i am literally going to go crazy. I guess the stuff they leave isnt too bad. But the other day it was 4 drinks on the coffee table and another in the kitchen. And it's left there when they go back to their Mom's. So I either have to pick it up myself or leave it for their Dad to do. Maybe I am just being too picky. I feel that after I tell them over & over, stuff needs to be cleaned up without me saying each and every time. Their Dad gets on them a little, but he so gentle & I say treats them like babies. I think they are immature for their age . Especially the 13 year old.
Their Dad doesn't want to get on them too much about it bacause 1) he doesn't want them to not want to come over 2) he doesn't want it to get to their Mom, to where she can limit their time with us.
I mean I tell them to clean up, then I have to go behind them like 5 year olds and tell them okay pick up this, pick up that, put this here, put that there. My husband is getting tired of me complaining, and he does get on them some, but I don't think he is being strict enough.
He fussed at them for something & stuff about listening to what I say -- but then turned right around & gave them each five dollars.
I have tried just leaving the mess, but it bothers me & I get so angry. Soon I am going to blow up at them because I am sooo fed up.
Any ideas??? I could go on & on about stuff. I feel like this could ruin our marriage. They leave candy wrappers in my car, Hi C drink straws harldy ever find themselves into the trash. Am I being irrational? Is this just kids or should I put a stop to it?
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