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Our school does those supersaver cards too. They work out well.

There is a website where we got school label water bottles. We sell thm at sporting events and picnics for $1.00, while they cost us $.50 We also sell school sportswear, string bags and fleece jackets with our panther logo and NR School Spirit embroidered on them. Not cheap, but it makes a good sell, and we get a 50% profit margin. There are also $.50 cent mascot key chains and zipper pulls.

We also sell BookSox at the beginning of the year and We also do a Yankee Candle fundraiser, a Radko Ornament fundraiser ( both of which I find too expensive)

We do an incoming class Ice Cream Social in the early part of the year for the kids and their families. The ice cream and toppings are donated by our local Shop N Stop supermarket, and we ask for a $.50 cent donation for every sundae eaten.
Mc Donalds gives us coolers full of orange drink, and we serve ice water and sell coffee, tea and cocoa. Pure profit.

We also loved the Innisbrook fundraiser ( wrapping paper etc.) because it was great quality, and they ofer a 12 month internet ordering program, that continues to provide profit to the school. depending on sales, you get up to a 60% profit.

Safety First catalogues are also 60% straight profit, and they sell 1st aid kits, fire extinguishers flashlights etc.

anyway these were all successful fundraisers for us last year. With a population of 800 kids and a 30% participation, we raised over $10,000 dollars.

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