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My dd's school sells Spartan Super Saver Cards. They have the school logo (a spartan) on it. It is plastic like a credit card. On the front it has the spartan, says Spartan Super Saver Card sponsered by Stanwood Elementary School. Card Expires 9/30/05. I'm not sure if they are selling them again this year. On the back of the card is the name an location of 15 different places like Pizza Hut, McDonald's, a Family Fun Center, etc. You use the card when you purchase something and get a discount off of the total bill. One restaurant offers a free kids meal with the purchase of an adult entree.
Last fall Miriam sold the most Spartan cards for the 2nd grade. The highest seller from each grade K-5 (5 kids), get a limo ride and free breakfast at the local McDonald's. She loved it. I think she sold 36 cards. Thank goodness for grandma working her magic at work.
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