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School Fundraiser

Hi - we have basically done away with all the door to door fundraisers etc. and we now do what is called SCRIP. (It seemed like a lot of work was previously put into things that did not bring in a lot of income). What SCRIP is - You need someone or a few parents to take "ownership" of the program or to head it up and they sell gift cards to participants. There are literally 100's of retailers that the school purchases the cards from and they resell them to parents. It does not cost the parent ANYTHING but a percentage of the total card sale goes to the school. Example. If you purchase a $100 grocery store card from the school (for $100) you would use that card just like cash. The school gets 100.00 for the card and they paid $96 for it - so they have made $4 off of that parent. Each retailer is different but generally the school makes around 2-5% on most purchases. It does not sound like a lot - but if you had 100 families purchasing the bare minimum of a $100 grocery card per week your school makes:

100x$4x35(weeks) = (100x4x35) $14,000.

If you type in SCRIP on google there is several companies that come up - you would have to research to see what would be best for your needs.

You just set a time to sell each day or week and you order from SCRIP accordingly.
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