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We held a "favours" auction where parents and friends of the school and children offered their services to the highest bidder - eg, someone would offer to do a basket of ironing and someone else would bid for that, or a person might offer an afternoon's gardening or a manicure etc etc, the possibilities are endless and it's great fun and you get to know other parents better! You run it like a proper auction with someone as auctioneer (usually the head teacher).

Also, another good fundraiser was to get all the children in the school (or if it's a big school, all the kids from one class or year) to draw a picture of themselves and sign it. This was made into tea-towels. Such a nice keep-sake. One year, we made the drawings into calendars. It was a really nice touch for one of the children to draw the teacher/dinner lady/head!

I know the onus for this one falls on the parents, but it's good fun...the children dress up for the day. We had book themes. All the children paid a small amount to be allowed to dress up.
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