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Both the kids schools do the Market Day Fundraiser
A lot of parents love this as it is convenient. I find some of the items overpriced from what I can get at the grocery but some of their clearance section items are nice as are the pizzas (cheaper than ordering out).

The pizza kits are also very popular.

At ds' elementary school we had a fall festival. We sold food items such as hot dogs, cokes, nachos. Their were booths that the kids could play and win the small prizes such as those from Oriental Trading, and a cake walk. We presold tickets for a discounted price such as 5 for $1.00 and at the door the tickets were .25 each. They were nonrefundable. At this we also auctioned off theme baskets that the parents supplied items for. Some of the baskets were huge with total values of $200. Ideas for baskets were pets, baby, movies, spa, local college, school items, food, kitchen items, etc. At my nieces school they also had the baskets in conjunction with their Holiday Bazaar and they sold tickets for theirs. Tickets were $5.00 each and you put it in the box in front of the basket of your choice.

We have a Santa Breakfast at DD's school. We charge a set amount for the breakfast, then have craft booths set up for free and the Santa picture is free. The poloroid pictures go to be expensive and we set up a donation can. Then last year we switched to digital pictures, which were cheaper.

Her school does magazine subscription/renewal sales.
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