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Here are some fundraisers that our cheerleaders do in our district.

One is at Christmas time, they have breakfast with Santa. Of course this would be one for kids in either middle school or high school. They charge X amt for a ticket, which covers your breakfast, and visit with santa. If you want a picture with Santa they charge a little extra.

They also did a fundraiser for pets. They had Santa come to the school and charged a fee for a picture with your pet with Santa. I did not go to this one, I can't wait to see if they do it again this year. As I wonder how they made out with that one. I think it could have been interesting!

The cheerleaders also sold candles this year. That was really nice. And they were nice big candles.

Our elementary always does the overpriced knick-knacks and wrapping paper. And chocolate.

They also do a sub sale. Not sure if you would have a grocery store in your area that sells subs. But, if they do they might make subs for fund raisers.

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