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Do to the area we lived in both in Lakeland FL & Key West FL neither of us cared for the schools so my youngest dd was home schooled though out her last years of middle & all of high school. She attended our local area activities, such as cheerleading, sports, etc instead of those in the school. We used the required scholastic guidelines of what had to be accomplished in order for her to "pass" from one grade to another & yes she did have to go to the Middle School in that area to take a final exam that allowed her to continue on to High School and she finished High School w/an above average gpa 3.9 as she graduated High School at 16 in Dec instead of June. She began taking her college course the following fall and will have her as degree in science soon. She will then continue on to get her BA & persue her masters as she teaches if that's what she finally decides on, it's kind of a safety net for her. Did she miss attending school, she said sometimes, but said that had she had been force to attend at that time she would have dropped out, home schooling allowed her to move as fast or slow on any given subject & allowed her to persue others that were not offered. We used alot of pc programs, she took the required fcat & did well on her SAT. Yes, a friend of hers invited to her prom when her friend graduated at 18, Liz was in college at the time, but still she was amazed at how dense some of the kids who passed were & that they had yet to set any life goals. She now thanks me for suggesting the home schooling. As I had did that with her siblings prior to them going to school. Before there was such a thing as pre K; I home schooled them with little workbooks that I found at walmarts & used book stores & made up work sheets to teach them prior to them starting public school & my divorce that sent me back to work.
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