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Deciding to homeschool

We are "officially" home schooling this year. I say that because I H.School taught my older daughter when she had back surgery at 14. And sometimes; my DH and I had to reteach our 11yo DD everynight when she did her homework. She would wake up cranky from being so tired. She has special needs; adhd, bipolar and learning disabilities. She is a visual learner and had a hard time esp. with math and SStudies teachers. One of which said,
' I am tired of you asking questions! '(?!!) They sent her off to get "special help" so they wouldn't have to deal with her... that meant the person wouldn't explain it---just give her the answer. That made her feel like she was not able to learn and really stupid.

We are going to use software and other means - written material. Also, because she is a visual learner; movies of the classic books, literature and the bible to reinforce her reading. We will do crafts - sewing, cooking, etc. All using math, reading, & science skills. We will use holidays etc. for extra curricular activities for social studies and geography.

We are in a home school support group in our small town and my DD & I absolutely loves it. She feels accepted and liked. We have get-togethers once or twice a week and discuss any problems or issues and give the kids time to socialize. We share ideas, and will share teaching different things to the group that we have experience in. And, we are discussing starting our own Girl Scout troop.

She is excited about starting school this year. And so are my husband and I!
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