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My family has just this summer decided to go back to homeschooling. We have done the public school, only one year, and NEVER again, Lord willing. We have done the Christian school, and didn't have a problem with it, in fact, until the middle of July I was going to work there in the fall. We actually decided to homeschool after MUCH prayer, and searching our Bibles for the answer. We placed before God three different prayer requests to guide our way, and all three of those came back to homeschooling. I have homeschooled before, and the last year was absolutely awful! We moved, then I had baby number 5, with post partum depression. It was the worst experience in the world. We are getting a larger support system this time around, and our youngest will be in Kindergarten. My older two are excellent independent learners, and I am thinking that will help a great deal, my youngest is only through the morning, then one reading session in the afternoon. The two in the middle will be the ones who take the most time, I believe. This time around my husband is more involved in every aspect, from the decision to the scheduling, all of it. He works third shift, so he will actually be home more during our "school hours". We are very excited about homeschooling, and about the focus we will be able to enjoy on our family instead of focusing on where they need to go, and setting our schedule around the school.
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