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I just remembered something else that helped. My daughter's doctor also said that if you keep a newborn baby up for too long, the baby will be too tired to go to sleep. So that was another reason why my daughter wouldn't go to sleep. I was thinking maybe if I kept her up longer, she would be so sleepy and sleep through the night. But it occurred to me after her doctor told me that, sometimes if I'm up too long, I get too tired to go to sleep. Her doctor told me to put her in her crib, no where else, about every 2 hours after waking. Newborns need a lot of sleep. That worked too! So on top of the gaseous tummy, she was too exhausted from lack of sleep! No wonder! Anyway, after got those fix, she was able to fall asleep pretty easily.

It's amazing how kids are so different because I didn't have this trouble with my son. When he was sleepy, he fell asleep.

Anyway, hope that helps.
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