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Originally Posted by melly
Abear--last year on my oldest's school supply list they asked for dry erase marks, red, black and blue. I had the hardest time finding them, had to go all over town looking for the blue ones. Found out later ds did not even use any of them, they were for the teacher. I don't mind donating for the teacher when asked, but I have a problem when it is required. I knew people last year that could barely buy new supplies for thier kids let alone the teacher.
I've had a couple teachers send home notes asking for donations of chalk or dry erase markers but the only time they were ever put on a list for either of the two DS was for 1st grade...and each child had to have a 8x11 dry erase board too.

Both DS also had Kleenex and paper towels on their lists! (that's an every year thing!)

When the two DS were at the primary school, they also had ziploc bags on their lists. Students with the last name starting with A-H would bring gallon size and the rest would bring quart size. The teachers would then ask for donations of the sandwich size. They also had liquid soap on their lists at the primary school along with a package of copy paper for the teacher to use to copy tests, etc.. for the class.

Now, at the middle school, I always find out what teacher my boys have when they go to lunch. If that teacher does not have soap for their classroom sinks (the school doesn't provide soap except for the restrooms), then I always donate some so that I know that my boys are washing their hands with soap before they go handle their food! Of course, I have to donate enough for the entire class but to me it is worth it.

I can remember when all that my parents had to buy my sisters and I were the general stuff like crayons, pencils, paper, etc....
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