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Originally Posted by dinsky
Abear, I cannot believe that the school would allow plug ins. They are so bad for anyone who has asthma or allergies.
If we know this, you would think the school knows this and would have addressed this issue already. I just wonder if the principal even knew/realized that plug ins were put on the supply list.

Originally Posted by Debora18
Abear, I just have to ask. Why does a child need plug-ins for school supplies?

I'd like to know the same thing!!! I have tried a couple of times to reach the principal since he and the school secretary went back to work two weeks ago but he has been in meetings, workshops, etc... The two times that he did try to return my calls, I wasn't home when he called .....once we were getting allergy shots and the last time was when I had taken my FIL to his appt. with his pulmonologist.

I'll get a letter from the two DS primary care doctor AND their asthma specialist and go to the school board if I have to!! My two DS have enough trouble with their asthma without the school doing something deliberate that can flare up/trigger their asthma!

I may end up being the least liked parent with the school staff this year. I have not held that title since DS # 1 was in Kindergarten (he will be in 8th grade this year). Oh well, I don't care! My children's welfare comes first!

Stepping off my soap box and heading next door to check on FIL.
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