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Okay, so I don't feel as bad about having technical issues this time.....
even Amanda was a little baffled on this one!!!

But, thanks to Amanda's help, the thread is now up and ready for posting.

We are up extra early this morning. I have been getting the two DS up between 6:30 and 7:00 all week since they start school tomorrow. Last week I had them up by 8:00. I decided to get them up at school time this morning to make sure they are ready to go to bed at their school bedtime tonight since that has been a problem since we started making sure we were up early.

I have had all the two DS school supplies that was on their lists for over a month but it's all still in the Wal-Mart bags. I need to get all of it sorted out and into the correct book bag. I am sure the boys will come home tomorrow with yet more supplies needed that didn't make the list!

Can you believe that DS # 2, who will be in 6th grade has Glade Plug-Ins on his list?! All girls are supposed to bring in two plug-ins and the boys are to bring in a large container of Clorox wipes. I talked with DS' doctor about it and she doesn't like the plug-ins because it can trigger his asthma so I am going to have to talk to his teacher about that once I find out who it will be.

Well, the two DS are asking for breakfast so I better get that going.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Hook 'Em Horns!!!!