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Using my price book

I use the price book that was explained by Kimmyo and it has worked out great. What I did though was combine it with my coupons in the different sections. I have a 3 ring binder that zippers closed. I made tabs for each section of coupons and inserted the price sheets behind my coupons so everything is organized and with me when I shop. I prepare a shopping list before shopping using the sale circulars and compare it to my price sheets to determine whether a sale price is really a good price. Then when shop, I take my price sheets/coupon book, grocery list and circulars with me to the store. Carrying the price book with me also allows me to compare brand to brand for price differences. When you find a store with super double coupons or some other special in-store promotion, you can quickly check to see the best price and whether you've got a coupon for it!

It took a long to set up my book but it works great and I highly recommend spending the time to create one.

If anyone has any specific questions I'd be happy to answer them!

Mary Lynn
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