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Hello everyone. Boy this site is loading slow.

Frugal today, was rolling up all my change. I now have $100.00 to help with my moving expenses. Whoohoo!

Frugal/unfrugal today, was taking advantage of very low interest rate offers from my credit card in the form of a check, to get money for my moving as well. I need to have a good amount of money set back, as it will take me a bit to find a job, and I'll need a place to live, and also pay for dd's school/daycare. I intend to put her in full time as soon as we move, so she'll be prepared for Kindergarten. I HATE to put her in school, as I'd hoped to be able to homeschool her, but as a SINGLE mom, I just can't afford to be out of the workplace any longer. Working at home has been nice, but I have made under $5,000.00 a year for the past 4 years. We've always gotten by, but it's been hard. I am excited to get the chance to save some money for a downpayment on a house in a few years.

I have been browsing online at apartments, and I'm trying to find one with the nicest amount of amenities, for the lowest amount of money. For instance, I've had to haul clothes to the laundromat before, and I refuse to do that again. I'm going to rent a place with WD hookups, so I can do my laundry as it comes at me. LOL. I also want a safe, secure place for dd and I to live. I've found several that qualify...and one that I really want. So I hope it will happen. It will still be several months most likely before the move, and I'll be babysitting as well as working from home, before I leave, and also I will work from home while I'm job hunting in Texas.

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