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Good afternoon all!!

Thanks for the infor Barb, I will visit that thread. I need all the help I can get.

Hope your brunch was successful. We had rain around 12 p.m. here.

I spent 2 hours at ACME this morning doing the $7 coupon thing. Last night I attempted to feed the cat some Iams cat food, and he sniffed it, and then turned around and gave me a look that said, "Are you kidding me?' So it is scheduled to go to the shelter this evening.

But I got 6 large packages of femine pads with B1G1 coupons, 2 Edy's Dibs using 2 $.75 coupons, 2 Edy's Fruit and Juice Bars using a $1.00 coupon with the store incentive of B1G1, potatotes, onions, bread, cat food the cat will eat, a package of chicken thighs, 2 newspapers that were $1.50 each, peaches, and a few candy bars to keep the orders a few cents over $7.00 each. I did 13 orders altogether, 4 at a time until the last one with 5. I almost forgot to get fruit for work this week. And of course the register spit out another coupon each trip. So I have one ready to do it again. And I was looking on my receipts - if I do a phone in "Tell us how great our store is" survey, I will get a loaf of in-store baked Italian bread. I got 2 receipts with that on there. So on top of taking the free food, I am going to be given even more. How cool is that???

I figured it is about $100.00 worth of stuff altogether. And all free!!!

Needless to say we are having steak, potato salad and asparagus for dinner which were all free. Oh, there might be a few cents over $7 each time, but who can complain and I am not planning to add up what I did spend - $.17 here, $14 there, $1.82 3 times, too many little amounts. It is a shame that I can't take a full day off from work, and go shopping for the food pantry here. I will try to make a few runs after work I will try to do veggies, maybe some cereal, oatmeal for sure, rice, pasta and sauce, canned tuna and chicken, peanut butter if it is on sale. This is fun.

Well ladies, better go for now.

Take care all - Norma