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Good evening all!!

Sorry I wasn't able to get on last night. I finally touched base with the friend who wants 2 baby blankets for her daughter.

I saw the gyn yesterday. She was so wishy-washy, I want definitive help for whatever this is that's going on, and she was not putting my options in strong terms. She told me the bleeding might be caused by the patch, it could be "breakthrough bleeding". I told her I don't think so because it has been over 5 weeks of constant bleeding. And that every few days it ramps up a little it so that that I am now no longer spotting and leaking (I could go for "breakthrough bleeding" if it were that light), but it now constant, 24 hour, 4-5 pad changes a day. And a change in the middle of the night.

She said I could take off the patch for a 30 day period, and then she could test my hormone level. I asked what happens if I start to hemmoraghe, from not having the patch on. She had no answer for that question. I really think the patch is keeping the bleeding from becoming worse.

Then she offered to send me to an endocrine gyn, who can do a "uterine ablasion" which is the removal of the lining of the uterus. That is the option I opted for. Hopefully this dr. (a man) will explain the whole thing to me better. And provide me with some definite options and explain to me the consequences of taking one of those options.

Today, my girlfriend came down and we went to the city wide yard sale. I didn't buy alot - a pair of those "wraparound sunglasses ($1), 10 magazines ($2), an Erma Bombeck book ($1), and an electrostatic duster ($1).

Then it was on to our ACME. In other parts of the country, you might have an Albertson's, Jewel, Sav-On or Osco. They are all owned by the same people.

There is a teriffic deal going on right now. I am not sure of the end date. If you buy 6 Proctor & Gamble products, the catalina machine will spit out a $7 off school supplies purchase. Well the computer takes it off your order, no school supplies needed. I bought 6 $.49 cans of Iams cat food, and sure enough out spit the coupon. Then I took that coupon and got 6 more cans of cat food ($3.12 with tax) and then a steak which was slightly less than $3.88. And I just kept doing that until my heat headache from the yardsaling caught up to me. So far I have a lot of school supplies, 35 cans of cat food (the cat doesn't like it, so it will go to the animal welfare association as a donation), 2 steaks, 2 bundles of asaparagus,a bag of ice for the cooler in the car, and 3 cans of pringles. Tomorrow is another day of free shopping, as I have another $7 coupon to spend. But $3.88 worth of free food each time I do this - teriffic. I have more produce that I need to get, and my Edy's fruit and juice bars with a coupon, and their B1G1 deal this week. I will also get some bread, potatoes, onions, staples that I need. And if I can do this at the self-scan lanes - so can you all.

Well ladies, got to go.

Take care all!! Norma