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chuckle Happy Birthday to Everyone

I have not had a Birthday bother me yet and do not intend to, life is what I make of it and so far I am doing alright. Everyone is happy abd healthy, my parents are still with us so life is good.
Someone asked me how old I was just last week so I had to respond with a how old do I look? Stupid, stupid, stupid, what was I thinking? They were very nice and said 37
It seems I don't act 47 but then I was never told 47 was old and I still think I'll be giving grief at 87.
Now who would want to be a teenager again, I wouldn't wear those clothes even if I could. Didn't we live through that in the 70's
They say hindsight is 20/20 but there is not allot of things I would change other than to save money when I was younger and do better in school( why does X=Y) never got that
I gave my dh a 50th surprise party in March so I have a couple years to pack my suitcases because come my 50th I am out of here, he never forgets anything
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