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well I don't want to disappoint a child, making them wait either...which makes me wonder, if I do this with the school kids or with my own gkids, who ever has them, may have to wait for a spell..

do you want ecards to go to them as well, or will we do this on the board, on thru a email via email?
as I'm feeling we would do this email vs email?

Barbz, I told Chynna that she got a pc and she informed me to get one in the mail for him. then she wanted to know if we got new names. LOL, I informed her about the situation and what I had said and you were a cyperfriend and your little boy send it.

so she has told me what kind to find, so I'm will have one soon in the mail for you as soon as I can find that kind, if not I will have to see what else she would want me to send. but should be able to find it. LOL

she was so excited about getting anothe pc... of course she knows how much her Nana loves to be on FC... and my bumper sticker.. is from fc...
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