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I don't measure out my ingredients, but I'll give you the basics...

I saute some diced onion in butter/margarine, add enough flour to soak up the b/m and make it hard to stir (big lump), add milk a little at a time so it doesn't make the sauce really lumpy, bring to a small boil, (basically a white sauce with sauteed onions), add grated cheese, pour over macaroni that's not quite done, mix, bake or freeze, thaw in fridge, then bake. I bake at 350 till it looks done. It's really quite easy. My grandma used to top with sliced tomatoes from the garden, bread crumbs, then grated cheese. Really yummy!

Thanks about the siggy line. I love yours too. I saw mine a while ago on a scrapbook sticker just in passing. I thought it was so applicable in my life.

"If you can't convince them, confuse them."

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