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Okay, so I did the poll, and answered no. Then I got to thinking about it. Then I googled it. Then I proceeded to make a crockpot of spaghetti sauce. Last night I made a giant batch of from scratch mac and cheese. I got dinner, 3 loaf pans, 3 square pans, and 12 muffin size single servings out of it. I'm not worried about DH and DS when I go to my sister's bridal shower in CA the first of August now. There is food to feed them. I also bought a bag of chicken leg quarters, a bone in ham shank, and 10 lbs of hamburger. What we don't eat this weekend (company coming, Pioneer Day, BIG deal in UT) I'm going to cook and portion out for the freezer. Nate really thinks I've been doing good with it this week. I'm going to keep the list updated and see how I do. Thanks Amanda for this great poll.

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