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Tami, this is what I do when I make meatloaf ahead of time. I triple the recipe. Make 3 loaves (you could make 2 or 4, or whatever) and put them into 3 different baking dishes. Freeze 2 and bake one for that night. I freeze mine raw. You could buy the large super size package of hamburger meat. Take it home and make meatloaves with it before you freeze it. Of course, the more you freeze, the more freezer space and pans you'll need. When I take mine out of the freezer to cook, I put it in the fridge early in the morning. At dinnertime, even though it is still a little frozen, I bake it. It may take a little longer than if it were fully thawed, but it'll still taste great.

I am in the process of typing up recipes on my computer. I make a recipe of brans rolls that are outrageous! I get requests to make them every holiday and pot luck dinner. I triple this recipe so that I'll have enough not to make it again for a long time.

Bran Freezer Rolls
1 1/2 cup All Bran (not flakes)
cup sugar
1 cup water
stick butter
2 packages yeast
1 cup warm water
2 eggs
6 cups flour

Melt All Bran, sugar, water, and butter together until dissolved. Let cool. Dissolve yeast in warm water and add to the All Bran mixture along with the eggs. Slowly incorporate the flour until you have dough that springs back. Allow to rest for an hour. Take about of the dough; roll out into a circle and cut into pie shaped pieces. Roll each piece into crescents. Put onto a cold cookie sheet and freeze until frozen solid. Place in Zip-Loc baggies until ready to use. When ready to use, take out as many as you need and place onto a greased cookie sheet. Spray a little Pam or grease lightly. Cover and let warm until double in size. Bake in a 350˚ oven until light and golden brown.

My children, since they were small, enjoy eating these as meals and lunches with butter and cheese melted into it.

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