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mayo alternative

What about making your own kefir-cheese and using that as a spread instead of mayo? Kefir products naturally have their own built-in preservative, so there's not a worry about spoilage from one day at room temperature.

The cool thing about kefir cheese is that it's also probiotic (that means it's filled with healthy micro-organisms to support your loved one's immune system). Kefir cheese has the texture of ricotta or goat cheese. It's soft, spreadable and yummy. The taste is also similar to these, but can change if you put spices in it.

I might not be back to this thread, so in case there are questions of "what the heck is that stuff?", I'll just give you a site that has good info.

Oh, the best make this cheese yourself. It's VERY simple/easy. Homemade kefir is good for you, and extremely inexpensive.
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