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Question spelling

Oh yeah! you cannot imagine how many times I have to backspace when I am typing something.
I keep a dictionary handy as during the day I can't thing how to spell some of the most often used words. I don't know for sure but I tie it to the "fibro fog" I have read about.
I have mentioned before Dr Pelligrino who has written a few books & is also a fibro sufferor. He constantly tells us to make lists & keep track of where your lists are.
I keep writing down what I am to do & where I am to do it. Then I stick that note to the dash of my van when I leave home. Problem now is with the heat my sticky notes are falling off the dash & I lose the note
You have to keep some humor or you will lose your mind
I thank God everyday for my wonderful husband who so far has not lost his patience with me. I might ask him something 3 times a day, but he very kindly helps me out.
I wish for all of you someone half as understanding as the love of my life. We will celebrate 30 yrs of marriage in a week
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