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I just got two new female rats from a friend of mine. They're names are Mumma(because she raised a litter of babies at the pet store) and Honeybunch. They are absolutely awesome!! They were brought in as feeder-rats, but my friend fell in love with them and brought them home. That happens a lot, because she had 7 lol, which is how I got to adopt them in the first place. And they're not costing me anything, either, because she makes her own food and gives me baggies of it. Dh wasn't sure about rats in the living room, though. But now that we've had them for about a week, he's a bit better about it. He's worried about the smell...which doesn't happen if you clean the cage lol!!

We also have two rabbits, Baby and Nibbler. Two red-eared sliders(turtles), NoName and Over-Easy. A duck named Mr. Big Stuff. I had two chickens but had to get them a new home because they were getting quite loud. They are Angel and Gypsy, and I visit them often. And a tank full of fish that the kids have named and I can't keep them straight lol!! And four cats: Everest, Jagger, Pierre and Francois.

I'd like someday to have a python, but dh isn't budging on that one lol. He doesn't like snakes, which makes an iguana out of the question, too, because as far as dh is concerned, lizards are snakes with feet!!
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